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You need to know the business in order to give advice.

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My basis

Many successful trainers were successful players before. That's no coincidence! They have learned their business from the bottom which comes in useful to them as a coach.

It’s no different with a management consultant! Anyone who wants to set a team on a successful course – whether in medium-sized or in multinational companies – should know the business inside out! He must have internalized entrepreneurial structures and activities and know how market and marketing function, because he knows from practical experience.

I myself have this practical experience. Managing and selling complex capital goods and equipment’s have left their indelible mark on me. My passion for technology and figures helped me to promote medium-sized and multinational companies in the Machinery & Equipment Industry and the capital goods sector to achieve significantly higher market shares, prices and turnover.

You will benefit from my experience! On fiercely competitive markets it is always good to have an experienced person on your side. Just give me a call or write a message to learn more about what I can offer you!

Welcome to Bläsius Consulting.

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My attitude

Once Hyundai was a building construction company and Nokia manufactured rubber boots. It happens again and again that companies look for reorientation or even want to reinvent themselves. The reasons for change are manifold: at times markets are in transition, sometimes staff policy alters and from time to time long-established processes just do not work anymore.

Then you need a success-orientated action plan, which is the opposite of reacting blindly. Now and then internal structures and processes need simplification or the given situation necessitates major investments. Occasionally sales and marketing structures need to be reorganized. Often it is a combination of all the above.

What is crucial for this change is that the staff has to be included in this process. People are often worried about changes! Therefore it’s very important to put the whole team in an optimistic mood, to motivate them and even to make them enthusiastic. That's what I've learned in practice, and that's what I'll put into practice as your consultant!

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My course of action

There is a phenomenon well known from school days: standing alone in front of the board lets you see numbers and signs only, while your classmate in the back of the classroom can see the connection between the figures and signs as a whole. To be more specific, you need to distance yourself from things to understand them better.

That's how I work as a consultant: I first have a look at the whole: at structures, hierarchies, processes, machines and the working atmosphere. If necessary, I then query the facts: What can be improved? What needs to be changed? No thoughts are forbidden: rules that apply to others apply to me too.

Although I come from the Machinery & Equipment Industry and the capital goods sector (I am technology savvy) I have learned to familiarize myself in other business fields too. Anyone who asks others for openness and courage to break new ground must start off with himself.

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My achievements

Every company has sectors where changes are necessary or make sense. A clever plan alone is not a solution because, as is generally known, you can say what you like on paper. For this reason I'm not only a consultant but also a person who likes to put things into practice. Only a consistent and structured implementation secures success. You can benefit from my practical knowledge gained worldwide in the following fields:

  • Commercial support in Sales and Marketing
  • Assistance in making companies internationally marketable and in Key Accounting
  • Optimization / setting up of sales departments & coaching of sales staff
  • Market analysis, market & sales forecasts and competitor monitoring
  • Market entry strategies for manufacturers, importers and dealers
  • Cost-benefit analysis, calculation of profitability
  • Help with Public Relations, advertising and documentation
  • Management of portfolio / product management
  • Project management and process analysis
  • Corporate business strategies, drawing up of business plans
  • Assistance with corporate investments, takeovers & acquisitions
  • Interim management
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My life history

Speaking in plain terms, leave out deception and call a spade a spade - a consultant who cannot do that is not suited for the job. Being honest and straightforward is not only essential for conversations between customer and consultant, but also for the image of the latter. What about his life history? What successes does he have to show? The facts should speak for themselves.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to take a closer look at the following listing to learn more about my professional life history. If there are stages in my life or companies I've worked which you are particularly interested in, just call me and dig deeper. For me openness is a question of credibility!


2012 until today

Bläsius Consulting, Föhren
Freelance Management Consultant

2018 bis 2021

LaminaHeat GmbH, Kirchheimbolanden
Export Director Europe

2016 bis 2018

LaminaHeat GmbH, Kirchheimbolanden
Managing Director

2010 - 2012

Atlas Weyhausen GmbH & Co. KG, Wildeshausen
Export Director and Member of the Board

1992 - 2009

Volvo Construction Equipment Europe GmbH, Konz
Business Development Director Sales

”Right Hand” to the President of Volvo Central Europe – Commercial attorney

Deputy Head of Marketing for DE/CZ

1988 - 1992

Komatsu/Hanomag AG, Hannover

Product Manager Wheel Loader, Crawler & Trash Compactor, worldwide

1978 - 1988

Zettelmeyer Baumaschinen GmbH, Konz

Product Manager – Wheel Loader & dozer worldwide

Setting up of the North American branch in Cleveland (Ohio)

Setting up of a sales & services team in Saudi Arabia

1974 - 1978

Apprenticeship as a Mechanical Engineer, Laeis Werke AG, Trier


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My specialty: Capital goods / Machinery & Equipment Industry

The Machinery & Equipment Industry and the capital goods sector are going through a radical change! The competition and price pressure are constantly increasing. Likewise customer expectations are also increasing all the time. Textbook-like management consultancy is not a good solution here. What you need is product-specific knowledge of an expert. The following list will give you an overview of the business areas I'm very much acquainted with:

  • Waste and recycling machinery
  • Powertrain technology
  • Construction machines & civil engineering machinery
  • Industrial machinery, forklifts & material handling equipment
  • Agriculture and forestry machines
  • Utility vehicles, trucks and truck bodies, light-weight construction
  • Tire industry
  • Thermoplastic-processing machinery
  • Dealing with thermoplastic materials & semi-finished products


Bläsius Consulting
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Bläsius Consulting
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54340 Detzem, GERMANY

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Mobile: +49 1 60 / 90 30 01 58

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